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Mexican Caribbean

If I told you there's a way to reduce signs of stress and anxiety while also cleansing your body of all the negativity and toxicity, you would think I'm crazy. Nevertheless, let me introduce you to the ancient art of Temazcal, which might be precisely what you need during these troubling times.

The word "Temazcal" is derived from a Nahuatl word Temāzcalli meaning "house of steam" (Temaz - Steam and Calli - House). The temazcal were used widely among the Aztecs and Mayans that populated Mesoamerica, and for centuries and as far back as can be traced was a therapeutic instrument, an arm of the medical practice. The traditional Mexican sweat bath differs in many ways from the Scandinavian, Turkish, or Indian sweat baths.

Indigenous cultures were forced to keep temazcals hidden during the Spanish Conquest since Spaniards found the practice demonic and savage and sought to destroy them; thankfully, they were able to preserve them, and the tradition continues.

The ceremony consists of entering an igloo-shaped hut made out of wood, stones, or cement made to resemble mother nature's womb as a way to reconnect with the earth and to be reborn. In the hut's center, steaming volcanic rocks are placed for water to be poured on them and produce steam. The point is to achieve both spiritual and physical cleansing by releasing sweat. After the ceremony, you proceed outside to take a jump in the pool to cool down your body.

the-act-of-healing-through-sweatingTemazcal is considered a great form of psychological therapy and meditation since its overall purpose is to restore our minds and bodies to their natural balance. Still, it has proven to have many other benefits like clearer skin, clearer nasal paths, improving your immunologic system, and weight loss.

Participating in this tradition is something worth doing at least once in your life. You don't have to do it alone; you can invite your friends to tag along and make this a day of relaxation to find spiritual balance!