Mexican Caribbean

Sometimes life surprises you with unexpected events; we all know it is filled with ups and downs. This time, the Safe Tours Cozumel family has experienced a substantial low. One of Mardi LLC's founders, Arturo Díaz Sr, has passed away at the hands of cancer.

memorial-1Our company started in 2010 as a way for Arturo Diaz Jr to build a life for his daughter (me) after the H1N1 pandemic hit in 2009 and do something he was proud of by creating a new business as a family, just like his parents did from 1973 to 1998 when they ran a school in Mexico City. It wouldn't have been possible without his dad and brother's constant support. Arturo Díaz Sr was a kindhearted, honest, hardworking, loving father and grandpa.

memorial-2Safe Tours Cozumel strives to help people have amazing vacations, and while doing so, we've been able to help our community; we've sponsored groups of teenagers and kids for the carnival, given small donations to different social causes (like the Red Cross), and Arturo Díaz Sr was a supporter of "Ciudad de Ángeles", an orphanage in the island he frequented whenever he would visit his family. 

memorial-3Another thing we were able to do was bring Jeremy to visit the ocean; we did this with Luis Díaz, his caregiver and another founder of Mardi LLC. During Jeremy's time here, he did equine therapy and had the time of his life.

memorial-4The last two years have been challenging because of covid-19, and the dreams we had about this project had started to crumble, but his positive attitude towards adversity has kept us going. We had to make huge sacrifices to provide for our workers as a family. The one that made the most significant sacrifices was Arturo Díaz Sr. Now that we start to see the light at the end of the tunnel with our dream to bring happy memories to people's lives, we are saddened at the thought of him not being able to see the fruits of our hard work.

We are forever grateful for having the chance to be a part of Arturo's family. We promise to keep his spirit going; we are proud of him and wish him eternal peace and love.

To the most loving father, grandpa, and working man, we love you. 


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April 16, 1945 - March 18, 2022

Bee Díaz