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  • 3 ways in which sports tourism is promoted in Quintana Roo

    Have you ever wondered, “how is it possible for tourism and sports to collide and interrelate?”. Well, that is what sports tourism is all about. These two concepts intertwine when sports-related activities attract different people to a destination, whether as participants, visitors, or simply spectators at an event or attraction.

  • 5 fun facts about Scuba Diving at Cozumel

    Experiencing a new adventure can be scary for some, and sometimes gaining a little more knowledge of what is waiting for us can take that fear away and turn it into pure excitement; that's why I've chosen to share five fun facts about scuba diving in Cozumel that you most likely didn't know, but that make great conversation topics when you visit the island. Let's get started!

  • 5 places you must visit during a Private Island Tour at Cozumel

    It has been made clear multiple times that Cozumel is a place you can’t miss out on. Have you ever been on a cruise ship and thought, “I won’t go down in this port. It’s probably the same as the last one”? Well, I’m here to tell you you’re beyond mistaken. Sure, you can see clear waters in The Maldives, no doubt, and yes, you can eat Mexican food anywhere else in Mexico; that’s just a fact.

    It still doesn’t compare with Cozumel.

  • Clear Boat vs Glass Bottom Boat: How to pick the right option

    Picking the right option for your snorkeling experience in Cozumel can be beyond confusing, that much we know, but that discussion has been said and done(you can check this article for more information), today we’ll explain some of the differences between two of the most popular snorkeling activities here at Cozumel and also how to properly spot if you are actually booking the one you have in mind. 

  • El Cedral: Cozumel’s History

    Located 22 kilometers to the south of the island’s downtown area, you can find El Cedral, one of Cozumel’s first settlements that is filled with history and beautiful traditions. El Cedral is known for being the oldest Mayan settlement at Cozumel, having been built in the year 800 AD, and despite the fact that most of Cozumel’s population lives at downtown San Miguel, there are still families that live there to this day. 

  • El Cielo: Cozumel’s Starry Sky

    Just as there was a night sky that inspired Van Gogh to paint The Starry Night, in Cozumel we can find a beautiful starry sky, a destination so beautiful that it is considered the favorite of many people, a work of art created by nature; if you have not visited it yet, I can assure you that it will become your favorite place.


  • How to arrive at Cozumel

    The beautiful island of Cozumel is a top tourist destination, welcoming over 4 million visitors annually. Of course, since the events of the past couple of years, the numbers have reduced, but we are expecting them to go back to normal this year with the resurfacing of tourism.

    Now, deciding your holiday destination is the most significant part of planning for a trip, but choosing the best method of transportation is just as important, and that's why (as you can read in the title) we will be discussing it today.

  • How to choose your Snorkel Excursion at Cozumel

    Preparing for a memorable vacation is relatively easy, but choosing the right things to do with your family? That can be pretty tough, but worry not! For today I shall help you on your quest, and together we will make sure that whatever you decide to do, fits your needs.

  • In Memory of Arturo Díaz Sr

    Sometimes life surprises you with unexpected events; we all know it is filled with ups and downs. This time, the Safe Tours Cozumel family has experienced a substantial low. One of Mardi LLC's founders, Arturo Díaz Sr, has passed away at the hands of cancer.

  • More than beauty the protectors for all

    The reefs, the home to many kind of fishes and bigger animals like turtles, rays and sharks etc. The reef has big importance to environment and all the animals, it’s not only a beautiful place where a lot of animals are swimming its place where the animals hunt, sleep and protect from the different dangers to the circle of life has.

  • Quintana Roo's Pearls - The Coraline Islands

    All along the reef barrier that protects the coast of Quintana Roo, big and small islands were formed by the same coral that builds the reef.

    The islands' coral has become a very fine white sand.

    These Pearls keep many wonders; let's discover them.

  • Quintana Roo's Pearls - The Coraline Islands (Part 3) Isla Mujeres (part 1)

    Isla Mujeres (part 1)

    In front of Puerto Juárez, 7 km from the coast, is Isla Mujeres. 7 km long and 1 km wide in its most expansive stretch, Isla Mujeres forms in its Western shore the Meco Bay.

  • Quintana Roo's Pearls - the Coraline Islands (Part 3) Isla Mujeres (part 2)

    Currently, there is a lot to do in Isla Mujeres to have fun.

    At the North Beach, we have a kilometer of white sand, deep beaches, and coconut palm trees; it's so shallow that it's safe for the children and the elderly. There are a lot of bars and restaurants along the beach.

  • Quintana Roo: Between the Jungle and the Sea

    In the southeast of México, in front of the Caribbean Sea, lies the country’s youngest state. Quintana Roo’s territory, divided between the rain forest and its fine sand beaches, protected from the violent Caribbean by the world’s second-largest reef, offers its guests a vast number of unique experiences.

  • Quintana Roo‘s Pearls - The Coral Islands (Part 4)- Cozumel (Cuzamil); The Swallows’ Island (Part 1)

    Cozumel is the biggest and also the oldest island in the Mexican Caribbean. Cozumel is, besides, the highest of all. It was first settled by the Putun and it was an important chiefdom in what today is Quintana Roo.

    Cozumel, in those days, was an especially important settlement for the Putun, that’s why we can find so many vestiges of this ancient culture here. Among these ancient cities, there is, of course, a Shrine to Ix-chel, goddess of fertility, abundance, and flood.

  • Quintana Roo’s Pearls- the Coraline Islands (part 2) Cancun; Vipers' Nest

    Up until 1970, Cancún was an almost deserted island with a swampy coast. Cancún has a seven shape. It is 8.8 km and 400 meters in its widest part, with a Lagunes' system that links it to the mainland. Cancún has two Maya shrines: Kin - Há and San Miguel.

  • Snorkeling by boat Double Reef Snorkel & Playa Mia

    Turn your face into the breeze, Feel the sun against your skin. Your snorkeling vessel is on its way to trip advisor’s number 1 Cozumel’s attraction: “El Cielo” and the impressive Columbia Reef.

  • Snorkeling by glass bottom boat here

    All our tours are operated in glass bottom boats so you will be able to admire all the magnificent marine life from the surface. Caribbean water is so clear, that colors simply will astound you! 

  • The act of healing through sweating

    If I told you there's a way to reduce signs of stress and anxiety while also cleansing your body of all the negativity and toxicity, you would think I'm crazy. Nevertheless, let me introduce you to the ancient art of Temazcal, which might be precisely what you need during these troubling times.

  • The Gardens that hide the Caribbean sea

    Over the years, the Caribbean Sea has witnessed great events and incredible stories and events that have marked the course of the American continent.

  • The Lion fish beautiful but a lethal problem in the Mexican Caribbean

    This venomous species is original of the Western Pacific and Oceania, and has become a significant problem in the Mexican Caribbean waters. This fish its highly appreciated in aquariums and for human consume, where responsible from selling it to aquariums, restaurants and pets shops allowed its propagation in oceans where they don´t belong. Other theory about how they arrived to Caribbean waters is that their migration is originated from natural phenomena causes (hurricanes and underwater corrients).

  • Top 7 activities for cruise ship passengers

    You've finally saved up enough money to take your family on a trip, got your vacation days ready, and are about to get on that cruise ship you've been waiting for months now, but you ask yourself, "What should I do when I arrive at my dream destination?" Well, no worries, today we will list some of the top activities you can do when you arrive at Cozumel Island (which is no doubt your dream destination) if you're visiting us on a cruise ship. Let's get started!

  • Vlog #1 Bee's introduction to Cozumel

    Follow me throughout my day at Cozumel…

    I have to be honest, my days tend to be me sitting on the couch watching Netflix, but today I decided it would be fun to hang out at a very popular park and take you along with me.

  • Vlog #2 Bee's introduction to the 5th avenue at Playa del Carmen

    Welcome to Playa del Carmen…

    Meet my cousin Adrian, we went for a walk around 5th avenue at Playa del Carmen and decided to take you with us.

  • Vlog #3 Bee and the Clear boat at Cozumel

    Today we decided to cruise the island in a completely transparent boat!!!

    It was extremely fun, we saw tons of fish, sunken ships, reef formations, and plenty more! We highly recommend this activity and encourage people to try it.

  • Vlog #4 Bee goes snorkeling at Colombia, Palancar, & el Cielo

    Hello!!! In today's video Adrian and I went out snorkeling, ate, played in water games, and had an absolute blast.

    I decided to do a review at the end of the videos so you guys can hear my thoughts on the activities; please let me know in the comments if you liked this idea so I can continue doing it.

  • Vlog #5 Bee and the Snorkeling by VIP Glass Bottom Boat "Cubana"

    I'm so glad to share this video with you, this is the one I'm most proud about.

    Snorkeling by Glass bottom Boat "Cubana" is one of those tours I'll never get tired of recommending to everyone, it's not only fun and great option for cruise ship passengers and visitors from mainland, but the crew is the kindest and most caring.

  • Vlog #6 Bee, friends & the Private Island Tour Basic

    This is a very special one with one of our must popular activities: The Private Island Tour Basic (as well as the Plus option) has been on Safe Tours Cozumel's website since the day the company started.

    Safe Tours has teamed up with a group of trustable guides that ensure everyones safety, and of course, a really fun time. This time we asked for the tour that comes with lunch included, but you don't have to if you'd like to go to a specific restaurant.

  • Vlog #7 Bee and the Cozumel Trolley Tour

    I did the trolley tour a couple of days ago, and it succeeded my expectations.

    It has turned into one of those things I must recommend to people that visit the island. The Trolley Tour i’d rather new in Cozumel, but don’t be mistaken, it has come to take one of the highest spots on my list and i’m sure in yours as well.

  • Vlog #8 Bee does the Snorkeling at Colombia, Palancar & El Cielo by panga


    I am back and better than ever, today I bring you the Snorkeling at Colombia, Palancar & El Cielo by panga tour, here at Cozumel. I had so much fun shooting this video and I was reminded of it when I started editing it.