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Safetours Cozumel

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9 hours / Max Participants: 40
Special Price: $69.99
Front of Playa del Carmen Ferry terminal

Voyage to the majestic jungle, dine on authentic Mexican cuisine cooked on a wood fire. Savor the ancient ways in which this delicious food is prepared, while marveling at the impenetrable tangle of mass tropical vegetation.

Uncover and explore ancient Mayan secrets of Coba, which is one of the largest Mayan settlements. The great pyramid ‘Nohoch Mul’´s remote location is filled with historical and cultural artifacts. Be guided through the secrets, facts, myths, and legends of the ancient Mayan ancestors. This archaeological site in its peak was home to 65,000 Mayans, parts of the city are still being excavated like ‘Macanxoc’.

Onward to a traditional working Mayan village, you will be welcomed with a mystical ceremony from the village Shaman. Experience a real working traditional Mayan kitchen, taste handmade fireside maize tortillas, chili peppers, beans, and squash. Sample the honey from a stingless native bee known as ‘Xunan Cab’ this honey contains medical properties.

8 hours / Max Participants: 20
Special Price: $99.99
Ferry Pier Entrance

Snorkel at Cozumel with transportation coming from Playa del Carmen. View the different varieties of corals and colorful fishes and the amazing spots we can’t wait to show you. We’ll take you to “El Cielito”, a sand bank where you’ll get to chill and snack, locals favorite spot.

Another place you’ll surely love is “El Cielo”, one of the most well-known destinations at Cozumel, it has made its name due to the number of starfish that live there. The biggest reef formations on the island can be found at Colombia and Palancar Reefs, which is why it’s a must to visit them when coming to the island.

We have prepared nothing but pure fun for you!!!

8 hours / Max Participants: 20
Starting from: $124.99
Ferry Pier Entrance

Come join us for our “Full Day” combo with a special twist. Ride a crystal-clear boat and enjoy the view of Cozumel’s underwater world from the comfort of your seat. This activity was designed for those that want to come to the island and experience a little bit of everything.

Enjoy the coziness of an air-conditioned vehicle during the Private Island tour part of this activity and observe every single hidden gem our island has to offer with the help of your guide

8 hours / Max Participants: 20
Special Price: $99.99
Ferry Pier Entrance

Join us in this exhilarating ultimate jeep and snorkel adventure around Cozumel Island. We will take you around the island and show you all the best spots, but don’t be afraid to tell your guide what you want to do.

Put your trust in your guides, for they will provide precise instructions and directions to help you enjoy your tour to its full extent. We are sure you’ll love the different animal species you’ll get to see at Punta Sur Eco Park, as well as the time cruising around the island, so much so that you won’t want to go back to Playa del Carmen.

9 hours / Max Participants: 30
Special Price: $139.99
Ferry Pier Entrance

Visit Cozumel’s ocean in one of the most comfortable boats out there: A Catamaran. The Aquadream is known for being one of the best options to cruise around the island. The Catamaran will take you to Cozumel’s famous snorkeling spots, such as Colombia and Palancar Reefs, and “El Cielo” a sandbank covered in starfish.

Afterward, have a delightful meal at Playa Mía and exploit the beach club’s facilities and water games to your total capacity before leaving the island and heading back to Playa del Carmen

7 hours / Max Participants: 15
Special Price: $99.99
Ferry Pier Entrance

Look down to see the depths of the ocean while staying fully dry. A crystal-clear boat will take you around some of the coolest and most famous sightseeing spots Cozumel’s underwater world has to offer.

This activity was designed for those that would like to see the beauty of our ocean and everything it holds but aren’t so convinced about getting wet in the process. Here, you’ll be able to have a drink while simultaneously looking at what divers see every day, minus the whole equipment.

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