Mexican Caribbean

Riding the Waves in Cozumel

If I told you surfing in Cozumel was a thing, I’m sure you’d call me crazy, that’s why I come with receipts and tips for my fellow wave enthusiasts, because we're about to embark on a salty adventure that combines adrenaline and sunshine. Surfing – the ultimate dance with the ocean – is not just a sport; it's a lifestyle, and Cozumel, the Caribbean jewel, is your dance floor. So let’s dive right in!

A Dip into Cozumel's Surfing History

Surfing in Cozumel isn't just about catching the perfect wave; it's a ride through history. Picture this: ancient Mayans catching waves, trading their pyramids for surfboards. Okay, maybe not exactly, but Cozumel does have a rich surfing past. It was around 35 years ago when Nacho Gutiérrez became the surfing pioneer on the island, and how could he not? With its pristine beaches and perfect breaks, Cozumel just incites you to want to jump in and ride the waves!!

The Best Times to Catch the waves

Now, let's talk timing. Cozumel's waves are a bit like your morning coffee – best enjoyed at the right temperature. The sweet spot for surfing in Cozumel runs from November to February. Skip the snow, and head to the sun-drenched shores where the waves are not only inviting but also downright neighborly. Just be sure to check the forecast – the only unexpected barrels you want are in the ocean, not on your weather app.

Cozumel's Beaches: Your Wave-Riding Playground

When it comes to beaches, Cozumel doesn't mess around. Punta Chiqueros, with its consistent waves and shallow water, is a favorite among locals and savvy surfers. For the beginners in the crowd, Playa Bonita offers gentle rollers and a stunning backdrop that might distract you from the wipeouts. And if you're feeling like a pro, Punta Morena beckons with its reef breaks and a challenge that'll have you saying, "I surfed Punta Morena, and Punta Morena didn't surf me!".

If you feel like visiting this surfing sanctuary, where the waves are as warm as the sun and the laughs flow like the tides, but don’t know where to start your surfing journey, I’d advise you to book a lesson by clicking here! Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie, Cozumel's surf scene has something for everyone. So, pack your board, grab your wetsuit (and maybe a snorkel for good measure), and let the Cozumel waves guide you!