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In Safe Tours Cozumel we believe in personal service to make your vacation more enjoyable.

Safe Tours Cozumel is a family owned and operated business. We have over 27 years of experience in tourism and we are proud to have a special interest in helping others. On Cozumel, Arturo Diaz is in charge of all tours and he is very knowledgeable; not only about Cozumel but also about the Riviera Maya. He has worked in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and his vast experience has also taken him to Ensenada, Puerto Vallarta, Curacao, Mexico City and other places too numerous to mention. His commitment to excellence and to service to others is reflected in his family ties in the United States.

His brother, while finishing his medical degree, moved to the U.S. and began working with family members of burn patients. The amount of support they need; physically, emotionally and practically is tremendous and his brother learned to care deeply about these families.

After a few years he changed specialties to working with young adults with disabilities, providing rehabilitation and educational training to allow these young people to have the maximum amount of independence possible! Supporting these families has also been one of his primary goals; a strong, healthy family is best able to offer their young person the help they need.

These family values are very much part of the Mexican culture and in the case of this family, not only is it evidenced in their priorities and generosity, it is evidenced in their own personal business model. Their family is united, works well as a team, and coordinates many projects between the two countries; keeping their family unified and strong and offering the best of two worlds to their clients.

mardiThere are different organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with disabilities. This is the reason Arturo Diaz and his family created MARDI, LLC, an organization whose mission is to become an instrument to help people that are differently abled and their families. It is the dream of this family, not only to assist these people in their home communities, but also to bring them to Cozumel, where they can learn about another culture, be in the ocean and see and feel the beauty of the Caribbean Sea and be exposed to a myriad of experiences!!!!!!


For now this is still mainly a dream, but we decided to join forces with other agencies and currently 10% from the reservation fee go to agencies that are helping families. When you make a reservation with us, you will see the exact amount that is donated in that moment to a worthy cause. We want to give back to our community, to support families that desperately need support and to share our vision of a world make better and stronger by the strength and love of its family members.

We invite you to become part of our extended family. It is our great pleasure and honor to serve you while you are in Cozumel and become part of a world that cares for its citizens, extends care and support to others, and at the same time delights in the beauty and magic that is here on our island.

We want to also share the story of Jeremy who came from Phoenix ( where MARDI, LLC is based in the U.S. ), to Cozumel where he enjoyed many activities with us and you can get a better idea of our larger vision of what Safe Tours Cozumel can become for people with special needs as well as those who want to be part of this special family.

August 2011.

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Below please see some videos of Jeremy. We had the pleasure of hosting Jeremy here on Cozumel, he was part of our program, MARDI, LLC in Phoenix, Arizona and with the help of Safe Tours Cozumel and some kind local tour operators like Dolphin Discovery and Rancho Universo, Jeremy had the time of his life.!!!