Terms and Conditions

Applicable to Tourist Packages and Services of "Safe Tours Cozumel", owned by MARDI, LLC

1.-Products and services.

Which are offered through the safetourscozumel.com web portal as well as networks related companies and the call center are marketed by Mardi, LLC, a partnership with main address in Phoenix, AZ. This web portal uses the Safe Tours Cozumel brand, property of Mardi, LLC, whose use has been authorized to Safe Tours Cozumel and / or Arturo Diaz as its holder Safe Tours Cozumel is responsible for the organization, coordination and in some cases marketing of tourist packages and services offered on this web portal, as well as the social networks it manages and in its call center. With the acceptance of these terms and conditions, the user declares to know and expressly accept that it is buying directly from Safe Tours Cozumel, a company that will assume the damages and direct and indirect damages that may be caused by the reservation and purchase of the tourist packages and services.

When contracting through this web portal, its social networks and / or its call center, the user You agree to have read, understood and agree to these terms and conditions.

It also guarantees that:

(I) Is of legal age.

(II) Has full capacity to enter into contracts.

(III) Only use the web portal, social networks and / or the call center to book or buy tourist packages and services for yourself and / or someone else on whose behalf it can act.

(IV) All the information that the user provides to Safe Tours Cozumel is true, exact, current and complete. Safe Tours Cozumel complies with and promotes the application of international standards, as well such as the protection of human rights and, in general, all those norms that tend to the care and defense of the vulnerable population, and those that prevent and sanction the illegal trafficking of flora and fauna species. adopted a Code of Conduct in order to prevent and avoid the use and sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in the tourist activity, as well as respect for its ecology, the environment and its flora and fauna.

2.-Tourist Packages

For the purposes of these terms and conditions, a tourist package is considered to be either one or the combination of two or more tourist services offered and sold as a single product and for a global price, which may or may not include the transfer service. The user is clarified that this web portal, its social networks and the call center do not sell air packages, as well as accommodation and hotel services. Although we reserve the right to include such services in the future. Tourist services are subject to the contractual terms and conditions established by each of the service providers. The other tourist services (each one or as a whole, the land portion of the package), such as, as an indication, and / or food, land / river / sea transport, vehicle rental, medical assistance, and other activities that may be part of the tourist package are subject to the specific terms and conditions of the corresponding contract. The responsibility of Safe Tours Cozumel as an intermediary will be to inform the particular conditions established by each service provider, referring to prices, dates, penalties or applicable charges for cancellation or non-use of the contracted tourist services. The published price and the final sale price of the tourist package do not include any service for processing passports, visas, permits, vaccination certificates, extras such as coffee, wines, special diets, in general, any service that is not expressly included in the tour package purchased

3.-Conditions for children under 12 years of age

A minor may be a user of a tourist package or service, as long as the purchase is made through the minor's parents or legal representatives, or with the express uthorization of whoever has the minor's parental authority, and with the understanding that at the time of purchase, the person making the purchase must bear in mind that the minor under 12 must travel accompanied by at least one of his parents or legal representatives or whoever has parental authority. , or of an adult expressly authorized by them. For the minor between 12 and 18 years old, by the mere fact of the purchase it is understood that their parents or legal representatives or whoever has parental authority of the minor, authorizes the minor to travel with or without a companion.

4.-Reservation Policies

The rates published on this web portal for specific Tours are valid only the day of their quotation and are subject to change without prior notice. All reservations Tours are subject to availability.

To formalize the contract of sale, after requesting the reservation and requested tours, it will be necessary to pay the fee for reservation, within the maximum term indicated at the time of making the reservation of your Tours.  

When booking online or by phone, directly or through the person who buys on their behalf, the user authorizes the use of their credit or debit card number to make the payment, and expressly confirm that you know and accept the policies of reservation, payment, responsibility and cancellation of Safe Tours Cozumel.

All the Changes in a reservation are subject to availability and re-quoting of rates, including applicable penalties for tourism service providers.

It is necessary for the user to print their reservation voucher or, failing that, that have a digital copy on hand and present it when claiming services tour you booked.

In those activities where the price is adjusted to the number of passengers, if altered said number, the remaining balance could still be altered.

In the absence of one or more members of a group and not having notified in time and forms the partial cancellation, it will not be possible to request that the amount of the passengers not attending the pending balance to be covered at the time of their activity.

Since in all cases Safe Tours Cozumel only accepts the payment of a 10% of the total value tour (reservation fee) and is pending to pay the remaining balance to the time of carrying out your activity with the tour operator Safe Tours Cozumel and / or MARDI,

LLC .. Are only responsible for the amount that corresponds to the amount received as a fee reservation.

Therefore, if the user is not going to use his reservation in whole or in part or If you are going to arrive late, what is known in the tourist market as no show, you will not have the right to demand a total or partial refund of the amount paid and the cancellation policy of the service provider will apply.

At these events, Safe Tours Cozumel recommends that the user communicate the situation in advance to the supplier respective to know the restrictions and applicable penalties Payment Policy Safe Tours Cozumel and / or MARDI, LLC accept debit and credit card payments (issued in any country) Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

All these payments are receive and administer in US dollars in the US territory (Phoenix, Arizona) and there they will be kept and protected up to 24 hours before the start of the activity, when, as the case may be, the part corresponding to each of the corresponding operators.

Payments are also accepted by bank transfers, via Paypal accounts and other electronic means. The amount corresponding to your reservation, as well as the taxes and / or fees that result applicable, will be charged immediately on the covered amount of your reservation.

When trying to pay transactions that are carried out abroad or outside where the user has their credit card details registered, it is possible that the entity bank blocks or suspends your credit card until it corroborates the data. By For this reason, to avoid any inconvenience during the purchase on this web portal, Safe Tours Cozumel makes the following recommendations to the user: 

  • (I) Verify all the information of the credit card with which you are going to make your purchase.
  • (II) Contact your bank before making an online purchase, to have knowledge of all the purchase conditions outside the country of residence, overseas shopping and online shopping.

Safe Tours Cozumel is not responsible for events in which the bank do not authorize, for whatever reason, the payment corresponding to the reservation.

The cancellation policies, penalties, restrictions and particular conditions of the Tourist package will be informed to the user at the time of issuance of the voucher confirmation of services. The user declares that he knows and expressly accepts and irrevocable these conditions, which, together with these terms and conditions, constitute the sole, total and exclusive agreement of any pact or legal provision on the contrary, about the terms, conditions and restrictions of the services hired.

5.-Personal and Contact Data

To be able to make reservations for valid Tours through this web portal Safe Tours Cozumel and social networks of Mardi, LLC the user must complete all the fields requested with your information. By entering their personal data, the user declares that said data is accurate, precise and true, and undertakes to update them as necessary. For more information about the treatment that will be given to the personal data provided, the user must refer to the Policy of Protection of Personal Data available on this web portal.

The email address provided by the user is the contact way of Safe Tours Cozumel. Therefore, the user should check that the email entered as the point of contact is correct and keep an eye on the information that will be sent to that email. It will be considered that the user knew in a timely manner the confirmation of your Tour reservation or purchase or of any inconvenience or variation to the same, with the sending of said information to the email. If the mail provided contains an error, the user will not receive communications fundamental for the management of your reservation or purchase request, in the same way Having a cell phone number, with which you are going to travel, will be very useful to provide it including the country and city code.

Safe Tour Cozumel protects user information in compliance with the laws in force in the Mexican Republic. regarding the protection of personal data and other rules that modify or add them.

6.-Responsibility Policy

This web portal uses the Safe Tours Cozumel brand as well as its social networks and Mardi, LLC, whose use has been authorized to Arturo Diaz. By virtue of the foregoing, the user declares know and expressly accept that the owner of the brand Mardi, LLC and its Affiliated companies, including without limitation Safe Tours Cozumel, are not the sellers of tourist packages and services, nor are they responsible for damages direct and indirect that are caused to the user by the reservation of tours, purchase and / or during the execution or enjoyment of such tourist packages and services.

Safe Tours Cozumel declares that: 

  • (I) The photographs shown in this web portal Safe Tours Cozumel and its networks companies and / or Mardi, LLC are for representative purposes and do not guarantee that the arrival of the user everything is exactly the same as shown in the photographs.
  • (II) The descriptions of the Tours services are updated by Safe Tours Cozumel constantly but they do not guarantee that everything will be exactly equal to the arrival of the user.

 7.-Responsibility for tourist services

  • (I) Due to its quality of intermediary between the user and the providers of the tourist services that make up each package, Mardi, LLC does not respond as direct provider of said services. Safe Tours Cozumel is limited to select the different service providers, with the criteria of suitability, security and quality of the tourist services offered to the market and for which provision are legally enabled in accordance with the licenses that they are headlines.
  • (II) The responsibility of Safe Tours Cozumel is independent of the individual responsibilities of the different providers of the travel services. Safe Tours Cozumel cannot assume any responsibility towards those who buy tourist services on this web portal and / or their social networks, due to acts or omissions of the providers, by virtue of that it has no control or legal relationship over its personnel, equipment, property or operation.
  • (III) Mardi, LLC will respond to the user in relation to the organization and commercialization of tourist packages, under the terms and conditions described here, and in accordance with the laws that are applicable to the organizers of tourist packages. In the Mexican Republic
  • (IV) Mardi, LLC and the service providers that make up each package tourism are exempt from liability to the user when the deficiencies presented in the provision of the contracted services are attributable to the user, a third party, or events that constitute force majeure or fortuitous event.
  • (V) Safe Tours Cozumel. does not assume responsibility in front of the user for events such as strikes, earthquakes, climatic or natural phenomena, conditions security, political factors, denial of entry permits, security issues public health and any other case of force majeure that may occur during the provision of tourist services.
  • (VI) The reimbursement policies for services not provided due to situations force majeure or fortuitous event, action or omission of third parties or of the user, attributable to Safe Tours Cozumel. before or during the service of your Tour, which can be returned, will be defined by Safe Tours Cozumel and the They will be confirmed to the user once the documents of your corresponding tour, as well as the percentages of penalties or deductions where applicable. This respecting the rules and

Consumer Statute.

  • (VII) Safe Tours Cozumel will not assume responsibility for any claim, cost or expense produced by personal or third party injuries, accidents or death, loss or damage of personal belongings, lack of fun, anger, disappointment, anguish, or frustration (either mental or physical). Nor will it be responsible in the event that the user does not follow instructions, including without limitation limitation, tour departure times.

8.-User responsibility

(I) The user will be responsible for complying with the requirements demanded by the authorities of the country or territory of origin or of residence or permanence, to effects of leaving said country or territory prior to the start of the tourist package, as well as to comply with the requirements demanded by other countries or territories to which you must enter and / or exit during the routes included in your package tourism, such as visas, vaccines, permits, tourist cards, among others.

(II) The user must carry the corresponding personal documentation in order that is required to comply with the emigration / immigration requirements in the Republic of Mexico and in any other country included in the tourist package, as destination or in transit. In case a document is rejected by some authority both of departure and arrival in the Mexican Republic or in any other country included in the tourist package, as a destination or in transit, Safe Tours Cozumel does not assume responsibility for any expenses and / or damages generated for the user. The penalties and no shows that are generated for this fact they must be paid by the user. (III) The user must find out about the weather, food, clothing, currency and other conditions special characteristics of the places included in the tour package.

(III) Covid 19. Failure to comply with any of the requirements specified in each activity for the common good, such as high temperature, dizziness and refuse to use face masks and / or apply antibacterial gel the provider of tourist services could deny access to the corresponding activity and that does not makes you a creditor of any type of reimbursement.

9.-Petitions, Complaints and Claims

Regarding any claim against Safe Tours Cozumel, related to the organization and marketing of tourist packages and services. MARDI, LLC will give response to the user in a timely manner, respecting the deadlines established in the Consumer Statutes).

Channels for receiving requests, complaints and claims:

  • Telephone: +529871171592 , 1 (855) 55-26986
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The requests, complaints and claims received by Safe Tours Cozumel. that deal with the direct provision of the contracted tourist services, will be sent to Safe Tours Cozumel provider of the corresponding tourist service, and this will be reported as as soon as possible to the interested user.

Right of Withdrawal

In the event of acquisition by non-traditional or remote means (web portal, networks social or call center) of a package or tourist service organized and marketed by Mardi, LLC under the SAFE TOURS COZUMEL brand, the user may exercise the right to withdrawal in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Statutes, up to 24 hours before its activity, so in the same way the website will only accept reservations with a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Any hiring of last minute, you will not have the possibility of being canceled and you will not be able to request any refund.

Safe Tours Cozumel will refund the value through the same means of payment that was used to make the purchase, not to exceed thirty (30) calendar days from the moment the cancellation is requested.

If the payment was made by credit card or other deferred payment method, or electronic means, the return will be understood to have been made once Safe Tours Cozumel Issue the order to the financial institution or other intermediary, as appropriate, so that proceed to make the return effective.

All amounts received will be in US dollars and we have no control over the current exchange rate if your currency is different.

10.-Reversal of Payment

When the client purchases an organized and marketed package or tourist service by Mardi, LLC under the Safe Tours Cozumel brand, in a commercial transaction electronic (your website, Social Networks, call center etc., using as a means of payment credit card, debit card or any other electronic payment instrument issued by a financial institution, you may request the reversal of the payment, as long as there is any of the following causes applicable to the nature of the services marketed on this web portal and in the call center:

  • (I) Fraud
  • (II) Unsolicited operation
  • (III) The activities and services of the acquired Tour was not received Within five (5) business days following the date the client knew of the fact or cause on which you base your request for reversal of payment, you must submit complaint to Safe Tours Cozumel, indicating, as a minimum:
  • Reasons that support application
  • Indication of the applicable cause
  • Value for which the return
  • Identification of the bank account, credit card or instrument of payment to which the operation was charged. For the purpose in this web portal it has been put to publicly available a payment refund request form. Within the same period of five (5) business days, the owner of the financial product must notify the reversal request to the issuing entity of the payment instrument electronic used in the purchase, through the channels available. After Once the request has been filed with the issuing entity of the electronic payment instrument, this You will have thirty (30) business days to make the return effective.


When an administrative or judicial authority determines that the return was not appropriate, the customer will be responsible for all costs in which incurred on the occasion of the request for the return. In this case, the issuer of the payment instrument used for the purchase may definitively charge the value of the transaction claimed from the holder of said payment instrument.

NOTE: The user may submit claims related to other aspects through the channels established for the attention of requests, complaints and claims.

12 .-Cancellation and / or Modification Policy

The client may cancel the contracted tourist services and will have the right to return of your money, in accordance with the conditions under which it has been contracted each service and the date on which the cancellation is requested. The politics General cancellation, penalties and restrictions can be consulted here. The particular cancellation conditions, penalties and restrictions of the package or tourist service will be informed to the user at the time of issuance of the respective coupon.

If a reservation must be canceled, the refund will be subject to the restrictions, penalties and discounts applicable by the providers of tourist services. No full refunds apply in situations where the Tour has to be canceled, interrupted or postponed by Safe Tours Cozumel for reasons outside its control (causes of force majeure), (Weather changes and / or closures of ports and in which, in the event of the breach of the clients, the contractual obligations of Safe Cozumel Tours. with your providers do not allow you to obtain reimbursement of the sum paid or to be paid to the supplier on behalf of the customer. In these cases, Safe Tours Cozumel reserves the right to retain, as an administrative expense, ten percent (10%) of the total amount paid for the reservation.

Safe Tours Cozumel reserves the right to cancel or change the published services, but it will try to replace them with similar services.

The information available on this web portal Mardi, LLC, on the description of the tourist services and about rates and / or prices, must not contain inaccuracies or errors, insofar as said information is provided by the suppliers of each service. Safe Tours Cozumel. You can correct the information at any time.

Regarding reservations or purchases that have been made based on information wrong, Safe Tours Cozumel. will allow the client:

(i) to enjoy the provision of the service in the conditions in which it was hired;

(II) get the price refund paid, without penalty.


  • (I) In the Mexican Republic, crimes against natural resources and the environment, especially the illegal trafficking of species of flora and fauna ..
  • (II) Prices for international destinations are quoted, in dollars American people. For payment in US dollars, the exchange rate applies representative of the market in force at the time of booking confirmation and corresponding purchase of the package or tourist service.
  • (III) The providers of tourist services reserve the right to reject the provision of services to any person deemed to be under the effects of alcohol or illegal substances and / or whose conduct involves a threatens the driver, the vehicle, the organizer or other travelers. A) Yes as those who do not comply with the protection regulations against Covid 19.
  • (IV) The images and photographs of the tourist sites presented by Safe Tours
  • Cozumel in this web portal, social networks and / or Mardi, LLC and in other media

communication and advertising of tourist packages and services, are the provided by the providers of said services and / or directly owned by Safe Tours Cozumel and their photography and design team, and their use is found authorized by the different providers of tourist services or their representatives, who have stated that such use by Safe Tours Cozumel does not violate the intellectual property rights of third parties and is its copying, dissemination for any purpose without the proper authorization of


14.-Final Provisions

Update date: September 12, 2021.

The terms and conditions applicable to the package and / or tourist service contracted will be those in force at the time of purchase.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Mardi, LLC and / or Safe Tours Cozumel its Owner Arturo Díaz.

I know reserve the right to modify, alter or otherwise update these terms and conditions at any time. Such modifications will come into effect from the date indicated or immediately, and will be applicable to all sales made subsequently. It is the client's responsibility to consult the terms and conditions in force when making any transaction.