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Tour lenght: 6 hours    Max People: 40
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Cozumel Tours

Voyage to the mainland to get up close to ancient archaeological site. It’s a vault filled with historical and cultural artifacts with treasured knowledge. Explore the magnificent temples rising above the Caribbean Sea in the walled city of Tulum.

You will be guided through the secrets, facts, myths, and wonderful legends of the ancient Mayan civilization. You get the freedom to admire the detailed carved figures and frescoes on the walls of prominent buildings such as “El Castillo” (The Castle).

Inhale the sweet exotic ocean breeze, as you capture the essence of ’The Temple of the Descending God.’ Marvel at ‘The House of the Columns.’ Become that professional photographer who shoots amazing photos, as proof of what you just witnessed!

Refreshment & light snack will be served. Then you'll have some free time to hang out, dive into the ocean, and buy some souvenirs, before returning to Cozumel.


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Cozumel Fiscal Pier