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Tour lenght: 5.5 hours    Max People: 25
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Cozumel Tours

If you love exploring a secluded tropical coastal paradise. Take a spin around the island in a Sahara Edition A/C Jeep. Inhale the breathtaking seafront breeze, marvel at the isolated picturesque beauty of nature. World famous for its stunning views of unspoiled white sand beaches like Playa San Martin and El Mirador. El Pueblo del Maíz for a leap back in time to discover the Mayan culture and traditions. Or voyage to Punta Sur Eco Park for astonishing views. Climbing its lighthouse gives you exquisite photo opportunities overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

At Tortugas Snorkel Centre you will take a short boat ride to the spectacular Arrecifes de Cozumel marine reef. Immerse yourself in an underwater expedition ,snorkeling with vibrant flourishing wildlife of the Caribbean Ocean.

For your dinning pleasure a mouthwatering Mexican cuisine will be served seaside at Tortugas Beach Bar.

Now it’s time to get acquainted with the magic of Tequila. Become a connoisseur, decide which one is best for you, in an exclusive V.I.P tasting session.

This tour is perfect if you want to have a relaxed safari, including a boating voyage, while getting your toes wet.


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