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Tour lenght: 4 Hours    Max People: 25
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Cozumel Tours

Do you dream of lying on a white sandy beach, crystal clear turquoise waters reaching up to touch your toes. The words on everybody’s lips are Paradise, pure paradise.

Bask in the sun with your family and friends on the incredible’ Isla de la Pasió.’ Venturing to this little island is its own panoramic trip just north of Cozumel.

This all-inclusive tour gets you to this breathtaking island, crossing the lagoon between Isla de la Pasion and Cozumel Island.

The Mayans in 300 AD made Passion Island the home to the goddess of fertility, Ixchel. Couples from the Mayan civilization would make the pilgrimage to San Gervasio, the Mayan ruins in the interior of the island to bless their marriages.

The drinks flow from delightful beach bar huts and the smorgasbord of Mexican Cuisine never stops.

Stroll the large white sandy beach, exploring like you are a pirate of the Caribbean, or just lay in the hammocks submerged in the ocean. Be enchanted by the magic of this place. For the kids young and old, there are Kayaks to paddle the shallow seas and a challenging Adventure Floating Park to exhilarate the heart.


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