Caribe Mexicano

Buceo en barco: snorkel en doble arrecife y Playa Mía

Turn your face into the breeze, Feel the sun against your skin. Your snorkeling vessel is on its way to trip advisor’s number 1 Cozumel’s attraction: “El Cielo” and the impressive Columbia Reef.

Ancient political center and oldest Mayan settlement in the area, this former pilgrimage land for fertility goddess, is the most relevant portion of a 700 mile-long reef barrier, second longest after Australia’s in the world. The near 3,000,000-annual-visitors island started its way to a world class destination in 1960, when renowned oceanographer Jacques Cousteau proclaimed Mexico’s largest island a world top scuba diving site. For its crystal clear waters, capricious coral formations and abundant marine life, snorkeling in Cozumel will round your perfect vacation in paradise.