Mexican Caribbean

The art of a dentistry vacation!

The latest vacation that puts a smile on your face, all the way home. AND IT CAN LAST A LIFETIME!!!

How many Christmases have you not smiled in family photos? Do you spend your recreation time covering your mouth when you laugh? Do you find yourself lacking appreciation and confidence, because your embarrassed of your missing teeth?

 Does it seem impossible to fix your teeth? It’s out of your price range in your country? Your dream is just to get your beautiful smile back….

Well, the wait is over, you can smile again. Pack those bags, book some adventure tours for the family and get ready for your best vacation ever. Finally, you can start living your best life, creating a reality that makes you feel good.

Increasing popular in recent years around the globe is DENTAL TOURISM, with highly skilled dental technicians and state of the art facilities. Tooth implants are an impressive way to revive your beautiful smile, but unfortunately, they don’t come cheap in western countries. A dental implant is an artificial tooth, surgically implanted into jawbone. In the United Kingdom there is assistance in emergency dental work, using England’s public tax payer funded NHS healthcare system. Regardless of free dentistry, demand is much higher than supply. Most patients are unable to access treatment that could bring back that radiant laugh and smile. In the UK a price tag of about £ 2500 for a single dental implant, and are rarely covered by the public health system.

The USA are in an even worse predicament with a private user pays system. This system puts profit before people. Dental implants in the States cost between $1500-$6000 for a single tooth. $40,000 usd is where the price start if you are requiring full mouth implants. It’s a fact most Americans are not able to cover the expensive treatments to bring back their smile. Canada is looking slightly better with the cost of a single implant between $1000-$6000. Word on the street is some dentists can even charge $20,000 for a single crown. Unfortunately, in Canada most insurance plans don’t cover dental implants. The main factor is, they are listed under cosmetic procedures.


The lowdown on coming to Cozumel for a new smile

 I had been hearing many stories lately of people going to Cozumel and receiving up to 70 % cheaper dentistry than in the states. After further investigation I discovered hundreds of people who have come, have had a positive experience and saved a bucket load of cash.

One such story about a lady from the states who sent all necessary information by email and set up her first appointment.

She said “I was on Cozumel for 2 weeks and ended up having four appointments in total. I had a four teeth bridge completed by Dr Nora and some other minor work done. I’m very satisfied with her work. I had recently gotten a 3 teeth bridge here in the US so I knew what to expect. (Tune of $4,400.00 USD) The work Dr Nora provided was more extensive but only ran me 25% of that. I also turned in the paperwork to my dental insurance company once I returned to the States, they covered 50% of that. I was a happy camper. Saved enough to pay for most of our 3 week stay on Cozumel the following year. LOL.”

Once you have researched who has the happiest customers, make your first appointment. Each visit can take between 15mins and up to 2 hours. Most are performed under local anesthesia. Intravenous sedation is available to relax anxious patients.

You can fly one day after being fitted with a single implant. There are multiple direct flights from the USA every day, to the small international airport on the Island of Cozumel, CZM. Should you require numerous dental implants or surgical procedures you should stick around for two weeks, relaxing under the shade of a coconut tree. Watching the illdic ocean waves reaching out to touch the white sand, while you’re sipping on your pina colada. You will be able to rest and relieve, making the most of your dental Vacation like a V.I.P. The warm Caribbean Island climate mixed with gorgeous beaches, gives plenty of opportunities to recover quicky while having a whole lot of fun in the sun.


 How to live you best life, while rejuvenating your smile.

To start planning the perfect dental vacation, search for a dentist technician in Cozumel. There are Websites that are perfect for getting honest reviews from dental tourists just like you. Find a place and contact the clinic directly. You will be able to find out how to make an appointment. All the clinics can reply to you in English. Your local dentist may protest strongly about you doing a procedure overseas, these are scare tactics to keep money in their pockets. Actually, there are many dentists in Mexico that have been trained in the US. So  dental tourism is quite safe as long as you do your research and choose your dentist technician wisely . There are many highly-qualified clinics here in Cozumel. You can brighten your smile, keep cash in your pocket and live the island life.

While you are going to your appointments you can keep the family busy , with  the ultimate in driving expeditions. An adventure to Jade Cavern though jungle trails, in an impressive Xrail vehicle. The kids can jump into the iridescent natural pools while at the cavern. The extraordinary splintering stalactite mineral formations, that decorate the subterranean world are all part of the natural treasure of the  botanical oasis at Jade Cavern. Then they can head back to town to pick you up.

The evening could see you dancing on board the 17th century galleon, with fearsome looking pirate crew. Drinks and a delicious gourmet dinner are all part of the package, as your entertained with sword fights and tales of pirate legends. The cannons fire into the night, before walking the plank, to end your evening. (I’m joking there is no walking of the plank, but I wish there was.)

While you’re laying on the beach at Cozumel’s most popular beach club Playa Mia, you can make the most of all the amenities, relaxing in the hydro massage tub or find out what all the buzz is all about with fish therapy. After the family finish snorkeling on the Glass bottom Boat ‘The Cubana´, they can join you at Playa Mia for an afternoon of thrill-Seeking.  Screaming their way down the hydro slides, bouncing their way to the adventure park, that’s floating on the Caribbean Sea. If you don’t want the family to leave you out of all the excitement, a clear boat tour could be just right for you. The kids can snorkel while to watch them though the transparent Boat.

Its possible to organize private transportation, tailor made to fit all your needs. You can get to all your appointments, while dropping the family off for an exhilarating ride on a 700 HP Jet Boat. 360 degrees spins in the crystal waters of the Caribbean. Gets your heart racing and blows away the cobwebs. Keeping the family busy while you treat yourself to a brand-new smile.

Do USA or Canada dental insurance cover implants in Cozumel, Mexico?

Depending on who your insurance is with, it can vary quite a lot. Most cover a portion of the restorative treatment. You can use your Health Saving Account (H.S.A) for dental treatment in Mexico. Please ensure the artificial teeth are an eligible medical expense listed in the internal revenue tax code.

The positive results from around the world prove dental implants and cosmetic dentistry to be safe and effective. They improve your appearance and lift your confident. Its time to start living your best life, you deserve good things in your life. Now you can create it. Come to Cozumel and live the dream like a V.I.P.


By Santana Warner