Mexican Caribbean

The Lion fish beautiful but a lethal problem in the Mexican Caribbean

This venomous species is original of the Western Pacific and Oceania, and has become a significant problem in the Mexican Caribbean waters. This fish its highly appreciated in aquariums and for human consume, where responsible from selling it to aquariums, restaurants and pets shops allowed its propagation in oceans where they don´t belong. Other theory about how they arrived to Caribbean waters is that their migration is originated from natural phenomena causes (hurricanes and underwater corrients).

In the Mexican Caribbean it haves become a big problem that needs solution. The Lion fish are venomous and have big thorns that help it to defend themselves from other fishes. The characteristics of the Lion fish makes it a dangerous rival for the original species of the Caribbean.

The Lion fish eat the coral of the reef and that’s the big problem about it, and also that they don’t have a predator, so its population is growing.

A lot of experts considerate it as one of the biggest environmental problems in all the Caribbean. The reefs and coral are the home and power supply; if the population of the lionfish keeps growing it will became a serious problem for the other species.

There is only one real threat for the lion fish: humans. Its fishing is allowed and actually its considerate a taste fishing.