Mexican Caribbean

Icon of the Seas Sets Sail into Cozumel's Cruise Wonderland

Today, on the 7th of February, Cozumel welcomes a new maritime marvel to its shores - the majestic "Icon of the Seas" cruise ship! As the sun kisses the turquoise waters and the seagulls prepare for an aerial show, this arrival promises to be a spectacle like no other.

Cozumel, a one-of-a-kind cruise destination, has a rich history of hosting these floating palaces. The island has witnessed the grandeur of countless vessels, from the elegant to the extravagant. The docks of Punta Langosta, International Pier, and Puerta Maya have played host to a parade of cruise giants, each leaving their mark on the island's economy.

The First Encounter

As the Icon of the Seas glides into Cozumel, its towering presence cannot be ignored. The ship's sleek design and sheer size make it a true titan of the seas. With 20 decks, 7 fantastic pools (Including the largest one at sea), the largest waterpark at sea with 6 of the most amazing waterslides, a rock-climbing wall, more than 40 restaurants and bars, and even more. From gourmet dining to Broadway-style shows, passengers have a plethora of options to make their cruise experience unforgettable.

Fun fact! The RCI Icon of the Seas is five times larger than RMS Titanic.

The ship’s 7-day itinerary began on February 3rd at Miami, Florida, arriving on the 6th at Costa Maya, today at Cozumel, and it then continues its journey at Coco Cay, Bahamas (On the 9th), to finish off right back where it started on the 10th. This floating city with amenities that would make anyone jealous can hold up to 7,600 passengers and 2,350 crew members.

As the gangway extends, passengers disembark with clear anticipation and some with an already well-kept appreciation of the Island. The island beckons with its sandy beaches, lush jungles, and the intoxicating aroma of Mexican cuisine wafting through the air. Visitors can explore ancient Mayan ruins, snorkel in the crystal-clear waters, or simply unwind with a cold beverage on the beach.

As the day unfolds and the sun sets over the horizon, the "Icon of the Seas" bids farewell to Cozumel, leaving behind memories as sparkling as the Caribbean waters. The island, with its centuries-old charm, continues to be a beacon for cruise enthusiasts seeking a blend of relaxation and adventure.

Goodbye Icon of the Seas, good luck on your ride towards Coco Cay, Bahamas and on your return home. The International Pier shall wait for your next return and the many more that’ll come after, each contributing to the island's legacy. What a beautiful way to end the day on this wonderful island that just last year opened its doors to 1,156 cruises and more than 4 million passengers, a true blessing after the economic impact the pandemic had on the it. Safe travels, Icon of the Seas, and until we meet again on the high seas!

RCI Icon of the Seas first visit to Cozumel by drone