Mexican Caribbean

Kids Secret Treasure Map of Cozumel

Imagine an Adventure Island...

A family vacation that explores a crocodile habitat, ancient ruins, hidden coastal coves, a sunken city and an island that once sheltered pirates.

Encouraging children to take risks and try new things can help them develop a sense of competence and understanding over their environment. These kinds of activities lead to greater self-esteem and confidence in their abilities.

Spectacular adventure vacations for the family include activities like snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can also create some of the most memorable vacations you’ll ever experience! Think of activities that get your heart rate up, challenge you, and get you active outdoors. Adventure vacations involve the interests of every family member. It offers flexibility and can also be a great option for multi- generational families.

Family Adventure Itinerary

Day 1

The Adventure Park Playa Mia – Amazing Beach Break With Playa Mía

This place is perfectly suited for all children young, old, and young at heart. It will leave the kids screaming for more all the way down the challenging 200-foot-long Twin Twister water slides. There are rides to impress and you can endure the 500-foot length Adventure Floating Park, water cannons aboard the pirate ship at “Buccaneers’ Bay” kids pool, kayaks, snorkeling to the sunken Mayan city. It’s all-inclusive so you don’t have to worry about anything. Adventures come in many sizes, some are small, others are huge. Some adventures are real, others are imagined.

Day 2

Finding Nemo - Snorkeling by VIP Glass Bottom Boat "Cubana" at Cozumel!

The only one of its kind in Cozumel, free ice-cold drinks, brand new snorkel for the kids to take home, large enough to walk around with a bathroom on board. You will be visiting 3 reefs in the marine national park. This is perfect for beginners or experienced swimmers alike. The crew are experienced to ensure everyone gets to share the experience of swimming with Nemo and Dory, with safety and assistance if they wish. Being out on the sea when you visit Cozumel is as good as it gets!

You will be mesmerized by the turquoise clear water and utterly amazed at the colorful fish and other sea creatures there are to see. A professional underwater photo session is available to capture the kids swimming with Nemo and friends. There are many benefits to raising adventurous kids.

Day 3

Pirates of Passion Island - Off-Road Jeep Escapades to Passion Island

Adventurous experiences can help kids develop a more diverse set of skills and knowledge, better resilience, confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills, as well as a deeper appreciation for different cultures and ways of life. Electrify and energize your vacation. On this jeep quest the roughness of the road is bumpy terrain, crawling through exhilarating water holes that take you on a natural roller coaster. Switch gears as you approach to manage the difficulties of varied and exciting terrain in this off-road adventure though the Cozumel jungle, powering through mud while exploring the tangle of mass tropical vegetation.

Be transported by boat across the famous lagoon for pirates and buccaneers back in the Pirates of the Caribbean days. Arriving at the beach of Isla de la Pasión, the magic starts enchanting the family with the white sand mixing within the sparkling turquoise blue ocean. It's All-inclusive, you relax while the kids search for lost treasure.

Day 4

Treasure Quest - Private Island Tour

By booking an expert guide who can take you off-the-beaten-track, you get the opportunity to experience the different kinds of adventure that are available. Voyage to exotic and ancient places. Search for gold in the ancient ruins of San Gevasio, venture to the west side of the island and dig for buried treasure on the beaches. Continue on to hunt for ‘Tick- tock’ the famous crocodile who ate captain Hook's hand and his clock. He was last seen at the Punta Sur Eco Beach Park in the south of the island, looking for Captain Hook. Kids can see beauty in little things and face the world with a perspective that is so innocent and so unique to them.

Day 5

Hideaway Cavern full of Gems- Xrail: Adventure to Jade Cavern

Guaranteed an exciting experience on these impressive vehicles, which can seat up to four passengers. Perfect if your family has an appetite for adventure. The family will be driving through rough jungle trails, all the way to Jade Caverns, admiring an incredibly diverse ecosystem of stunning plants and animals. Arriving at the botanical oasis you’ll be swept off your feet by the delicate orchids and exotic palm trees. Marvel at the splintering stalactite mineral formations that decorate the subterranean world of the Jade Caverns.

Jump in and cool off in the iridescent waters of the natural pools or simply relax upon a rock watching the kids have all the fun.

Day 6

Walk the plank- Pirate ship Tour and dinner

Travel back in time to the era of the pirates. Board the old Spanish galleon, the ‘Jean Lafitte.’ named after the famous pirate Jean Lafitte, who once made Cozumel his home. The adventure begins while boarding the authentic Spanish Galleon pirate ship with a traditional welcome with cocktails and refreshments by the Pirate crew members. Be entertained with pirate stories, sword fights, games, and dances as you cruise the Caribbean aboard the 17th-century replica galleon, feasting on gourmet cuisine for your dining pleasure.

One of my favorite reasons to travel with kids is to see everything through their eyes. Even if you’re visiting somewhere, you have been before, when you see it for the first time through their eyes, it’s like seeing it for the first time all over again!

And that makes every second of every day, a new adventure!



By Santana Warner