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Team Building Activities At Cozumel

As the season transitions toward summer, individuals eagerly anticipate the rest from the workplace or academic commitments. However, conscientious leaders recognize the importance of fostering appreciation among their team members, alleviating the urge to simply mark the days until summer's arrival. These astute leaders often orchestrate team-building excursions, affording everyone the opportunity to unwind and strengthen bonds. For those envisioning an island retreat with their team, the question may arise: "What can we do for team building and fun?" Thus, today I present six amazing ideas for team-building activities.

1.    Full Day of Fun at Cozumel

We are starting off strong with the Full Day of Fun at Cozumel, this activity mixes snorkeling by boat and an island tour in an a/c vehicle. Truthfully an amazing option for those with larger groups since the van can be switched to a bus if need be. Our saying for this tour is “Your Day, Your Way!” Since the decisions of destinations will be entirely up to you and your team, but of course, the guide is ready to offer their input If you need suggestions.

This is one of our most popular activities and for a good reason, it releases the stress of transportation from your shoulders and helps you spend a fun day at the island just talking with your people and visiting cool spots. Maybe you want to a meditation by a cool beach, or sing songs while driving to your next spot, whatever it is you wish to do is whatever we’ll help you achieve.

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2.    Maya Steam Lodge-The Temazcal Experience

Now this one can be great for building some everlasting bonds with your team. See a Temazcal as a form of rebirth, you will cleanse your body and soul of all impurities by sweating them off in hut.

I have never done it personally, but I know it’s a very moving activity and afterwards you’ll get to discuss how you felt by cooling down in a pool and eating fresh fruit with the people you work with. It truly helps create connections with your spiritual self and those around you.

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3.    Dance & Salsa Adventure

The best way to fortify bonds is by doing an activity together, and it can’t get better than cooking and dancing. You’ll have an instructor teaching you how to make the best salsa and how to dance salsa like a pro. It’s guaranteed to be a fun time no matter how good or bad the team is at it

In each other’s failure comes laughter, an in your success comes celebration. Hold each other up, teach each other the moves and go back home with the perfect salsa recipe for a 5 de Mayo celebration, the moment a member of your team sets it down on the table you’ll all be brought back to the beautiful memories you made mastering salsa in the Caribbean.

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4.    Epic Trike Adventure

This tour is a newer addition to our website, but I believe it follows a similar format to the one above. If doing and activity together strengthens bonds, then I believe firmly that riding as a group will create unbreakable ones.

If you yourself are a biker, or you’ve ever interacted with one, you’ll know that riding together is an indescribable feeling, the sense of community and comradery cannot be described with words and being able to build a team with that same sense of belonging in an office setting sure feels like being an unstoppable force.

The moment you return home you’ll find ties were made with people with whom no connection existed, and that surely will reflect in the work put out by everyone.

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5.    Island Buggy Tour

Another newer addition to our catalogue but one worth checking out is the Island Buggy Tour. Here, you’ll embrace the natural splendor of Cozumel as you navigate the island in your own buggy, immersing yourself in its lesser-known beaches and local haunts. You and your team will revel in the tranquil embrace of the ocean waves. A stop at a “tequilera” adds a cultural dimension, where you can partake in a quick yet enlightening tequila tasting tour, gaining insights into its meticulous production process. This activity caters to thrill-seekers and comfort enthusiasts alike, harmonizing adventure with relaxation. By opting for this excursion, you're choosing to craft unforgettable memories on this captivating island paradise.

This shared experience encourages communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills among team members.

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6.    Pirate ship Tour and dinner

Now, lastly (Because it occurs in a night setting), a show and dinner. You’ll be surrounded by pirates-and lobsters- for an entertaining spectacle and a delicious meal. If you’re wondering how exactly you’ll create stronger relationships by eating with pirates, then the real question should be, how could you NOT? It’s guaranteed fun time with singing, dancing, drinking, and dining. Your entire team will be laughing and recalling the events that transpire for years to come.

It's basically Pirates of the Caribbean minus all the dark parts.

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Here you have it, six great options for you and your colleagues to enjoy the Caribbean. Away from the constraints of the office, colleagues can engage in meaningful conversations, share personal stories, and build stronger interpersonal relationships. Of course, there’s a lot more you can do, but I believe these are the most entertaining things you could possibly do, still, feel free to reach out if you were looking for something different or check out our other tours. Safe travels and fun times.


By Bee Díaz