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Top 5 Best Beaches on the Island of Cozumel

The crystal-clear water and white-sand beaches found on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico are by far some of the most impressive in the Caribbean. Whether you're seeking a tropical vacation that offers a blissful retreat from everyday life or you're hell bent on adventure and fun in the sun, the island of Cozumel has these 5 fantastic beaches for you.

The Mesoamerican barrier reef that nearly surrounds the entire island of Cozumel is part of the second largest reef system in the world, stretching from the northern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, continuing past the Bay Islands in Northern Honduras. Finding the best beaches when you're on vacation can take time and money, and make You miss the opportunity of lounging on powdery white sands, exploring lush jungles, and snorkeling in crystal-clear lagoons, like You can here in Cozumel.

This guide will have you planning the most incredible vacation ever before you even arrive!

Choosing what's right for you

Due to the colorful coral reefs and exotic marine life, Cozumel has a lot of rocky “iron-shore” on the West side perfect for snorkeling from the shoreline or deep dives from boats. There are also plenty of incredible beaches just a hop, skip and a jump away nestled in this tropical paradise.

The best way to visit 3 of the top beaches in the list is by exploring the paradise Island Cozumel in style. You can book a 5-hour VIP Private Island tour that discovers the islands secrets by hearing tales of pirates, ancient civilizations, natural ecosystems, and admiring life under the Sea; It will be your day, your way, and you will be the boss while cruising around cooled in air conditioned transportation, a bilingual guide will drive you to the best kept secrets this island has to offer.

Top Beaches in Cozumel

‘El Cielito’


Coming in at number 5, You may be well surprised that a place where heaven meets the sky could come in so low on the list, well because it's a sandbar, not a beach. But I really wanted to include such a beautiful, majestic place in this list. Definitely the most spectacular sandbar this writer has even had the pleasure to enjoy. It's less than a kilometer from shore but is only accessible by boat.

Along the shoreline it's an untouched wild natural ecosystem, bustling with hundreds of species living together, where even Crocodiles have been spotted. The shallow crystal-clear water, touching the white sandy bottom at this sandbar is perfect with a margarita in hand and ceviche on the side. 4-hour boat trips are available twice a day, exploring the reefs and snorkeling with sea life along the way. 

Playa Chen Rio


Number 4 is a free beach found on the east side of the island. This white sandy beach has a rocky point break that helps create refreshing pools of water that kids just fall in love with.

On the best days here you will find surfing, and windsurfing dominate the area. It's also a great beach to snorkel or catch some rays. When the harbor is closed on the west side, this paradise becomes a mirror reflection on the ocean surface, calm and tranquil. Most places around here only take cash, so be prepared when you decide an ice-cold green coconut will satisfy your thirst. Cell range in this part of the island is bad to say the least, excellent excuse to avoid those office calls.

Lastly, there is a spot where you can watch blow holes, where water pushes through the rocks like a geyser.

Punta Sur Eco Beach Park 

Is number 3, making it also the only beach on our list that has a small but interesting Mayan ruin that would alert them to bad weather and was used to track the equinox.

The bumpy white packed-sand road through the natural reserve is gorgeous against the rough water coastline. This lush mass of tropical vegetation is home to a diversity of birds and animals like Iguanas and Coati, a relative of the Raccoon. You are likely to encounter Flamingos and Crocodiles in the shallow lagoon,where there is a wooden walkway over the water for viewing.

From the top of the lighthouse, you can capture photos of the white sandy beaches and sea fan gardens in the turquoise waters. A 5 Hour Buggy Tour promises a blend of adventure, exploration, and relaxation in paradise.

 Playa Mia Grand Beach Park 

Number 2 on the list is a kid’s paradise. The Buccaneers Pirate Bay keeps the littles busy, making this place the most of what young kids want: pools, cool splash area (big ships and slides), water slides and snow cones.

The big kids enjoy the floating water park, Kayaks, Hobie Cats, Water tricycles, and super-fast water slides. There is snorkeling equipment available so you can submerge yourself in the underwater Mayan city just off the beach. Exploring statues and monuments while swimming with Nemo and Dory.

A range of different beach break packages are available. For the adults they offer a Mexican Cuisine workshop & tasting with a salsa dance class that is highly recommended. My favorite was the Cuban Cigar master class. No doubt I became an expert cigar maker, but I also had my own Habano cigar to take home for grandad who's a connoisseur.

Number One Beach in Cozumel is…

Isla de la Pasión

This isolated tropical paradise takes the number one spot. Arriving at the beach of Isla de la Pasión, the magic starts enchanting the family with the white sand mixing within the sparkling turquoise blue ocean. Spend a spectacular, tranquil day sunbathing, laying in the hammock with a Pina Colada or playing beach volleyball. Experience the mangroves and observe exotic birds, Iguanas, and endemic species in the blind Lagoon. In ancient times pirates and buccaneers used these mangroves to stash their ships, before getting some rest and relaxation. Kayaks, water swings and the inflatable water park are all part of the package. This beach is privately owned and there are a few exciting ways to reach here that include transport to and from, plus unlimited food and drink, to satisfy the hungry and the thirsty during your stay.



By Santana Warner