Mexican Caribbean

Island Dreams, Innovation in Sustainability

The Aspiration

Lost on the dreamy Island of Cozumel you will find Sueños Isleños, just a 20-minute walk from the ferry terminal or airport. Exploring this tranquil tropical paradise gives you a feeling of peace and bliss. This attractive architectural masterpiece is the dream child of Txepo, a creative artist and architect, dive Instructor, and caretaker of planet earth who was born here in Mexico. His vision for this property started as a child when his mother fell in love with the positive vibes of the island life and friendly locals that Cozumel is famous for. She wanted a closer connection with nature for her daughter and son. This sacred Island provided all of that, so she purchased a modest one roomed house in 1989 with the help of his dad. At the time it was the last street before the jungle. Cozumel was still relatively small in those days.

The Greek escapade

For the first 10 years it was rented out to a dive company. In this time Txepo had the opportunity to explore some of this magnificent planet. After traveling through Europe via Spain he found himself on the beautiful island of Hydra, Greece. Population of only 2,719. The name of the island ‘Hydra’ comes from ancient Greek ὕδρα (hydra). ὕδρα is the Greek word for "water", and it refers to the natural springs that are on the island. Walking about the island is a true pleasure, as one of the upsides to Hydra is it has a no car policy. With all the walking you get to meet lots of interesting people, it makes this island very sociable. There are around 300 churches and 6 monasteries you can visit on the island. The cobblestones of the harbor of Hydra, makes you feel like you have changed centuries. This same land had captured Txeop's heart, and his love of architecture took a hold of his soul. On this island, communities of incredible beauty and architectural interest, with simplicity and purity. These homes have their rich diversity, inspired by the several civilizations. The Venetians inspired many Cycladic islands with picturesque castle-like towns, part of the medieval years, when locals feared pirate’s invasions.

Dutch Goddess Annemiek

Txepo met the beautiful Dutch goddess Annemiek in 1996, this incredible woman walked by his side for many wonderful years. Marveling at this wondrous love of life together, they had journeyed to Cozumel many times, living their best lives. Annemiek had wanted to recreate a paradise here in Txepo Caribbean Island Paradise. Both had been inspired by the love of Greek architecture.

“Short earth time for an eternal love” Txepo is quoted saying. In 1990 inspired by his Dutch goddess Annemiek. He returns to Cozumel to fulfill their dream. Creating this incredible tranquil, idyllic, and secluded paradise. Backed by his sister Andrea Sáenz-Arroyo, ( a marine biologist with a PhD in Economics and Environment and is committed to caring for nature) the project started to take shape. In total it took 23 years to complete, with the help of friends and locals who all share the same dream of putting the planet and people before profit.

The Cozumel Project

On a tropical island in the crystal-clear Caribbean Ocean, home to the Mesoamerican Reef. Sueños Isleños is the typical two-story Venetian house, just as if it were built next to another or a fortress, or medieval structure. The whitewashed buildings with picturesque blue details, this specific architectural style of every Cycladic Island next to the Aegean Sea. Captured and recreated against the turquoise Caribbean Sea right here in the heart of Cozumel. The main goal was to keep the homes functional and coordinated with the environment.

Upon entering the unique sanctuary of Sueños Isleños (formally known as ‘Villa Ana María’), you will realize that you have reached a stunning majestic place, with the dome shaped roofs and iconic blue doors and shutters, complete with a cascading waterfall into the swimming pool. Doric columns decorate the outdoor entertaining area, intricate details of symmetry and harmony, and balance.

Upstairs looking down over the waterfall is a gorgeous Sun-kissed outdoor kitchen, complete with an ancient wood-fire pizza oven. As the sunsets you can see the fiercely passionate sky displaying pinks and reds and orange glow against the curved white walls, and blue dome roofs. Evenings are truly magical.

Mesoamerican Reef

The protected marine park is one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. It’s become a dream of every diver and snorkeling enthusiast to explore the outstanding sealife. This underwater playground was protected in 1996 and measures 22 km in length. The Mesoamerican Reef almost surrounds Cozumel. If diving is your pleasure, you are in the right place if you find yourself staying at Sueños Isleños which means “Islands Dreams.”

Txepo is a Dive Instructor since 1989 and has been specializing in “Diving for the environment” as he believes in protecting nature which humans are part of, which includes ensuring we have a paradise for future generations to enjoy. There are opportunities to get a taste of scuba diving or maybe a certification in rescue diving if that is more where you are looking for.

Dreams for the future

25 years with BIONICA Arquitectos, an organization that defends nature, using landscape architecture and sustainability ideas. They are actively creating a better world for tomorrow. Over the years they have planted these ideas, watered them, and now in 2023 these ideas are growing within the community and the world.


Started in 1997 in the Netherlands. A multidisciplinary crew that develops all kinds of projects for sustainability. Especially in the cleaning of the oceans, in this they are showing unity, we are all united. The oceans unite us. All the oceans are together, they are all united, we are all connected. 2024 is a new energy as this project comes closer to success on a global scale. The vision is to complete a 110 ft catamaran, with a crew from around the world to progress with this project further. Now more than ever it's important to clean our oceans and preserve our ‘Rainforests of the Sea.’

For information about staying at Sueños Isleños or if you are interested in BIONICA Arquitectos or even getting involved with the united oceans project you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



By Santana Warner