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Tour lenght: 3 hrs    Max People: 15
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Cozumel Tours

This exhilarating ride starts as you board a 700 HP jet boat with a capacity of 12 passengers. While you buckle up, your captain will brief you in on safety guidelines and hand signals for the upcoming action-packed journey. 

Once away from shore, the fun starts! Make sure to hold on tight when your captain makes the signal for a 360° spin, when the jet boat quickly turns in a circle without losing momentum. As you speed along Cozumel's crystal-clear waters, nourish your brain and heart with a healthy natural high that will make you feel great! 

As the ride continues, the jet boat will stop at full speed, having the entire boat nosedive into the clear, refreshing ocean before heading back to shore. 


Special Price $ 40.00 p/p
Reserve with $ 14.00 p/p
Cozumel Ferry Pier