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Tour lenght: 1 hour    Max People: 4
  Tortugas Snorkel Centre and Beach Bar    View Gallery
Cozumel Tours

Crave excitement and stimulation? then sightseeing the panoramic Island of Cozumel from the air is a must do! Experience one of the most spectacular and thrilling parasailing adventures on the island. Following your parasailing experience, you gain unlimited access of the amenities at Tortugas Beach bar and Club with a snorkeling center.

On board a custom-made boat, you will safely take part on one of those “bucket list” experiences. Fly either by yourself or with your partner, friend, or family member, on this once-in-lifetime experience.

On completion of your adventure enjoy an unlimited Beach Break while relaxing seaside on lounge chairs, bouncing on the “funtastic” water park, or snorkeling from the shore.

The restaurant has a delicious menu of Mexican cuisine, fresh sea food and incredible cocktails available for purchase.


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Tortugas Snorkel Centre and Beach Bar