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Tour lenght: 9 hours    Max People: 40
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Cozumel Tours

Journey to the enchanting jungle, enjoy the delicious authentic Mexican cuisine cooked on a wood fire. Be captivated by the ancient ways in which this delicious food is prepared, while marveling at the impenetrable tangle of mass tropical vegetation.

Voyage to uncover the ancient Mayan secrets of Coba, locked up in this archaeological site. The great pyramid ‘Nohoch Mul’´s remote location is filled with historical and cultural artifacts. Detour to learn the secrets, facts, and legends of the ancient Mayan ancestors. This archaeological site in its peak was home to 65,000 Mayans, parts of the city are still being excavated like ‘Macanxoc’.

Explore a traditional working Mayan village, be welcomed with a mystical ceremony from the village Shaman when you arrive. Have your tastebuds tempted in a real working traditional Mayan kitchen. Sample tasty handmade fireside maize tortillas, chili peppers, beans, and squash. Savor the taste of honey from a stingless native bee known as ‘Xunan Cab’ this honey contains medical properties.


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Front of Cozumel Ferry Terminal