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Tour lenght: 5 hours    Max People: 20
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This masterclass is like no other, our native Cuban instructor explains and introduces the different sorts of leaves that are used in the creation of an Habano cigar.

You will be able to appreciate the fascinating process, knowing how to wet the leaves, the cut you should make, how to precisely select the perfect leaves to use. Applying an infallible technique of rolling up, which will be a fundamental step to providing your Habano a professional taste and shape. No doubt you'll become an expert cigar maker.

Refreshing drinks will be served during your masterclass, making learning fun and entertaining in a professional environment.

Lunch is served for your dinning pleasure, according to your menu preference. After your masterclass concludes get ready to enjoy the best of the Caribbean at Playa Mia Grand Beach Park. This beach club is the ideal spot to swim through the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, lounge on the white-sand beach and have as much fun as you want. You will also have access to all the resort's amenities, including the water park, pools, and watersports equipment.


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Playa Mia’s main entrance