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Mexican Caribbean

I did the trolley tour a couple of days ago, and it succeeded my expectations.

It has turned into one of those things I must recommend to people that visit the island. The Trolley Tour i’d rather new in Cozumel, but don’t be mistaken, it has come to take one of the highest spots on my list and i’m sure in yours as well.

This is a very special one with one of our must popular activities: The Private Island Tour Basic (as well as the Plus option) has been on Safe Tours Cozumel's website since the day the company started.

Safe Tours has teamed up with a group of trustable guides that ensure everyones safety, and of course, a really fun time. This time we asked for the tour that comes with lunch included, but you don't have to if you'd like to go to a specific restaurant.

I'm so glad to share this video with you, this is the one I'm most proud about.

Snorkeling by Glass bottom Boat "Cubana" is one of those tours I'll never get tired of recommending to everyone, it's not only fun and great option for cruise ship passengers and visitors from mainland, but the crew is the kindest and most caring.

Hello!!! In today's video Adrian and I went out snorkeling, ate, played in water games, and had an absolute blast.

I decided to do a review at the end of the videos so you guys can hear my thoughts on the activities; please let me know in the comments if you liked this idea so I can continue doing it.

Today we decided to cruise the island in a completely transparent boat!!!

It was extremely fun, we saw tons of fish, sunken ships, reef formations, and plenty more! We highly recommend this activity and encourage people to try it.

Follow me throughout my day at Cozumel…

I have to be honest, my days tend to be me sitting on the couch watching Netflix, but today I decided it would be fun to hang out at a very popular park and take you along with me.

Have you ever wondered, “how is it possible for tourism and sports to collide and interrelate?”. Well, that is what sports tourism is all about. These two concepts intertwine when sports-related activities attract different people to a destination, whether as participants, visitors, or simply spectators at an event or attraction.

Sometimes life surprises you with unexpected events; we all know it is filled with ups and downs. This time, the Safe Tours Cozumel family has experienced a substantial low. One of Mardi LLC's founders, Arturo Díaz Sr, has passed away at the hands of cancer.

Just as there was a night sky that inspired Van Gogh to paint The Starry Night, in Cozumel we can find a beautiful starry sky, a destination so beautiful that it is considered the favorite of many people, a work of art created by nature; if you have not visited it yet, I can assure you that it will become your favorite place.