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Follow me throughout my day at Cozumel…

I have to be honest, my days tend to be me sitting on the couch watching Netflix, but today I decided it would be fun to hang out at a very popular park and take you along with me.

Have you ever wondered, “how is it possible for tourism and sports to collide and interrelate?”. Well, that is what sports tourism is all about. These two concepts intertwine when sports-related activities attract different people to a destination, whether as participants, visitors, or simply spectators at an event or attraction.

Sometimes life surprises you with unexpected events; we all know it is filled with ups and downs. This time, the Safe Tours Cozumel family has experienced a substantial low. One of Mardi LLC's founders, Arturo Díaz Sr, has passed away at the hands of cancer.

Just as there was a night sky that inspired Van Gogh to paint The Starry Night, in Cozumel we can find a beautiful starry sky, a destination so beautiful that it is considered the favorite of many people, a work of art created by nature; if you have not visited it yet, I can assure you that it will become your favorite place.


You've finally saved up enough money to take your family on a trip, got your vacation days ready, and are about to get on that cruise ship you've been waiting for months now, but you ask yourself, "What should I do when I arrive at my dream destination?" Well, no worries, today we will list some of the top activities you can do when you arrive at Cozumel Island (which is no doubt your dream destination) if you're visiting us on a cruise ship. Let's get started!

All along the reef barrier that protects the coast of Quintana Roo, big and small islands were formed by the same coral that builds the reef.

The islands' coral has become a very fine white sand.

These Pearls keep many wonders; let's discover them.