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Top 5 Activities for families with kids at Cozumel

Cozumel is a relatively calm island without many after-hours activities, perfect if you want to relax by the shore while drinking from a coconut, but not so much if you want to party ‘til the sun rises; an Island for families, for those that appreciate simplicity, comfort, and good times. I thought it would be a good idea if we discussed some of those great activities you can do with your family here on the island, specifically the ones I’ve tried out and can vouch for.


  1. Private Island Tour

Whether you choose the “Private Island Tour Basic” or “Private Island Tour Plus”, this one will surely be a hit with your family. What does a Private Island Tour consist of? The point of this activity is to chill in an air-conditioned van while a driver-guide takes you around the island while simultaneously sharing cool facts about the places you see; you’ll stop at the spots you wish to visit, and the guide is there to advise you on other things you might enjoy

Why do I find this to be great for families? You will all be seeing the same things, discussing what you enjoy once you get back in the van, and making decisions together as a family about what you’d like to do next. If you’re coming with your grandparents, it doesn’t require much physical exhaustion, and if you’re coming with kids, there’s close to no risk o them getting injured (Plus, kids tend to love the chocolate tasting).

2. Snorkeling by VIP Glass Bottom Boat “Cubana”

One of the most popular tours Safe Tours Cozumel has to offer, for a very good reason. Snorkeling by VIP Glass Bottom Boat “Cubana” is perfect for families due to the length of the activity, the difficulty level, and the great staff. This snorkel excursion lasts around 2 hours, and it visits three beautiful close-by reefs, which allows you and your loved ones to spend a lot more time in the water than if you were to visit some of the further ones. Now, snorkeling is a lot easier than diving since it only requires you to float, and our staff makes this already safe experience a lot safer by constantly checking in on you and helping those that are a little bit scared of the ocean.

Why do I find this to be great for families? As I’ve mentioned before, the length of the activity, the difficulty level, and the great staff are this tour’s strong points when It comes to families. If the excursion were too long, kids and elders would be too tired to carry it out, if it’s too hard, they might not be able to partake in it at all, and a well-trained staff is especially important if you are entrusting them your loved ones.


  1. Clear boat at Cozumel

I am a huge fan of the “Clear boat at Cozumel”; I find it immensely innovative and one thing everyone must do when visiting the Island. The idea that you are somehow walking on water is crazy to me, a nineteen-year-old, and I don’t have to imagine how mind-struck a little kid would be because I’ve seen it. The only downfall this tour has is the amount of time you get for snorkeling, which is around 15 minutes, but if you don’t book it expecting to snorkel and do it because you want to sail for a while, then you will surely love it as much as I do.

Why do I find this to be great for families? This is fantastic for people of all ages; being able to enjoy the ocean and explore its depths while also not getting wet is something you could only do onboard a submarine, and because of this, I believe the youngsters and the older fellows in your crew will love it alike.


  1. Full Day of Fun at Cozumel

I must admit this one could be considered cheating because it’s a combo deal of my first and second points, but here we go; the “Full Day of Fun at Cozumel” is a combination between the “Private Island Tour” and the ‘Snorkeling by VIP Glass Bottom Boat “Cubana”’, or as Hannah Montana would say, “The best of both worlds”.

Why do I find this to be great for families? There’s simply something for everyone here; those that want to stay in the boat can do so while the rest snorkel and those that want to chill in the van get to do that while the rest explore (though I must admit that could get a little bit boring but to each their own). This is Your Day, Our Way, and there’s no better proof of that statement than this tour. 

  1. Amazing Beach Break at Playa Mia

A beach break will always be a safe choice, but a safe choice isn’t always the most evident, which is why I found It important to mention it. Now, the “Amazing Beach Break at Playa Mia” isn’t the only one there is; as a matter of fact, it isn’t even the only one Playa Mia offers, but it is one of the most complete options there are, with something to do for every member of your family. The coolest part, in my opinion, is Buccaneer’s Bay Kids Pool, where your kids can have the time of their life while you chill by the pool, keeping an eye on them.

Why do I find this to be great for families? You don’t have to worry about a meal since it comes with access to an all-you-can-eat buffet, your kids will have a blast, and the group's older members can relax and swim all they want (Plus, there’s an open bar). 

There are tons of other activities you can do with your family, but I believe these are the ones you should try. Sure, Discover Scuba Diving could be cool, but there is an age restriction, so you would need to make sure your kids are safe to do it, and as I mentioned, the Submarine could also be fun if that’s something you’re into (I personally get claustrophobic).


Cozumel is an Island for families, filled with activities to do with your loved ones, so if there is one thing you won’t be short of, that is options.



Bee Díaz